Meet Maggie Plus

First there was her brother Magni Lumen. Now Maggie Plus is here to tell you all about our Magnilumen Plus retrofit kit.

Top 10 Reasons To Install Magnilumen Plus

Top 10 Reasons to Install Magnilumen Plus Over LED Tubes

ZLEDLighting’s Sports Lights

Sports Lights are great for stadium lighting, sports fields, car parking lots and high mast installations. They can also be installed at marine docks, railway and container yards, and other large scale outdoor applications. Comes with yoke mounting.

Pottstown Hospital – RGB Wall Washers

Pottstown Hospital chose ZLEDLighting’s RGB/DMX Linear LED Wall Washers to light up the outside of the hospital at night.

LED Shoebox Fixture

Shoebox Fixtures are designed to replace Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lights.  Great for use in parking lots, street lights and other large outdoor areas.

Magnilumen Plus Installation Video

See how you can install a Magnilumen Plus Retrofit Kit in less than 15 minutes!

The Benefits of Retrofitting by ZLedLighting

Live at the NECA 2018 Convention in Philadelphia, PA. Ross Greenberg, president of ZLedLighting discusses the crucial process & benefits of LED Retrofitting.

Meet Magni Lumen

Meet Magni Lumen. Our light-hearted friend introduces you to our industry-leading Magnilumen Magnetic Retrofit Kit.

15 and 23 Watt Mini Corn Lamps

ZLEDLighting leads the way with our Mini HID Fixture retrofit lamps and stubby LED corn lamps! Our 15W mini and 23W stubby corn lamps are perfect for retrofitting small, enclosed HID fixtures like floodlights, wall packs, tall packs, and bollards. Smallest and brightest corn lamps producing 140-145 lumens per watt!

Magnilumen Installation

Magnilumen is the Game Changer in LED Retrofits. See how easy it is to magnetically retrofit almost any fluorescent fixture in just minutes.

NEW 2019 Magnilumen Installation Video

Our NEW Magniluemen video shows you how easy and quick it is to retrofit almost any fixture with our industry leading Magnetic Retrofit Kit.

ZLEDLighting Line Flex Tutorial

Check out our tutorial on the Line Flex product and accessories available from ZLEDLighting.

ZLEDLighting Stubby Corn Lamps

Stubby LED Corn Lamps are great for a variety of retrofit applications. They are perfect for post tops, bollards and recessed cans. They are very easy to install, coming in a wide assortment of wattages, colors and bases to replace nearly every CFL and incandescent bulb currently in use.

Magnilumen Infomercial with Jackson Kay

A unique perspective on installing the Magnilumen Magnetic Retrofit Kit.

Adapter 8 Video

How to convert an E26 Corn Lamp to an E39 Corn Lamp with an Adapter 8. It adds no length to the lamps.

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