PROJECT: O'Hare International Airport

Chicago, Illinois

Magnilumen Magnetic Retrofit Kits


The airport facilities team wanted to convert the old fluorescent lighting in the airport terminal signage to save energy and improve the sign lighting for visitors as they navigate the terminal.


Production Distribution Companies was hired by the airport to specify the new replacements for the signage. ZLEDLighting’s Magnilumen magnetic retrofit kits were chosen to replace the old fluorescent tubes in the signage.

Rob Powers of Production Distribution Companies said they chose ZLEDLighting’s products because of the simple installation and ease of use. He said retrofitting signs can be difficult and ZLED’s product made the job easy. He also chose ZLED’s product because of the flexible sizes offered (from 16″ to 5′). According to Rob, the Magnilumen retrofitting worked out well, looks great and the airport has not had any issues or problems.

Lighting Representative: Lake Michigan Sales

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