PROJECT: Audi of Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill

HID Retrofit Kits


A general contractor working with Audi of Cherry Hill called ZLEDLighting, asking if we could help him with a re-lighting of the dealership. He told us that all Audi dealerships had unique lighting specifications based on German manufacturing standards. We reviewed those standards and proposed equivalent products that were much less cost prohibitive, but comparable to the German specifications. They were thrilled with the cost savings and impressed that we could match their manufacturing requirements with our LED products.


We retrofitted their 35’ parking lot light poles with our 320 watt HID LED retrofit kits, which replaced their existing 1,000 watt lamps!

In total, we replaced 35 lights; doubles, triples and quads. We also replaced about 10 bumper lights, reducing energy consumption from 400 Watts to 120 Watts. The newly retrofitted lamps increased foot candle levels by about 25%. And because LED light is whiter and crisper, it has dramatically improved the vibrancy of the vehicles’ colors, and has helped the dealer to turn over inventory more quickly!

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