Oval LED Emergency Wall Pack Light


Emergency Wall Pack Light is great for use in stairways, warehouses, office buildings, schools and many more applications.

When the power supply system is out of power, the lamps start the emergency system to turn the light on and the duration can be up to 90 minutes.

The light has a light-sensing function.  When the light is less than 3 foot candles, the lamps are
automatically turned on and when the light is greater than 3 foot candles, the lamps automatically turn off.



Wattage 12W
Color Temp 50K
Voltage Input 120-277V
Lumens 956lm/W general mode
433lm/W emergency mode
Dimensions 10.4″ X 6.3″ X 3.80″
Charging Time 24 hours
Warranty 5 years
Rated IP65, UL



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