LED Vapor Tight

This fully weatherproof LED unit is designed for use in wet locations. I can withstand direct contact with rain, and even be hosed down for easy cleaning, as this unit is corrosion resistant and waterproof. Vapor Tights are great when used in these applications:

1. Parking garages are a great use case given that they are often partially exposed to the elements. A vapor tight light will keep out moisture and dirt kicked up by vehicles that can easily get into your light fixture, negatively effecting its life.

2. An often under-appreciated benefit of LED lighting technology is they out perform all other lighting in cold temperatures. The biggest issue in these types of environments is the buildup of condensation. This makes LED vapor tight lights the perfect fixture for industrial refrigerators, freezers, and storage.

3. The need for a clean space inside an industrial building which produces and works with consumables is a must. Spraying down and cleaning the lighting fixtures is a very common occurrence.

4. When one thinks about the environment within a car wash; dirty, wet, soapy and hot immediately come to mind. Typically, fixtures in car washes are not vapor tight and likely only water-resistant, at best. This allows corrosion and light discoloration to rapidly set it which can significantly degrade your fixture.

5. Shopping Center lighting faces a combination of all the above factors that could potentially cause issues with conventional lighting technology. Shopping center lighting faces a variety of weather elements, including extreme cold, snow, and rain.


  • Available in 2, 4, and 8″ strips, and 2 and 4 ft tubes
  • Mounting: available with a stainless steel external hanging bracket. Must be drilled and sealed for each surface mounting or chain hanging application.
  • 5 year limited warranty
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