Corn Comparison

Which Corn is Right for Your Project?

Corn Comparison

When you are undecided about which corn lamp is the right one for your project, our corn comparison sheet, which compares the differences betweenIP64/IP65 Corns vs. Classic corns, will hopefully help you make the right decision.


IP64/IP65 Corns

  • Smaller and more versatile design to fit fixtures from 15-150W
  • Driver is separated from the heat sink in heat gel, giving the driver sufficient cooling space to make the product more stable
  • PC cover, dust and water resistant
  • Most lamps are ETL and DLC certified

Classic Corns

  • Available in 15-300W LED. Available in 480VAC 40-300W LED
  • Fan based cooling for the driver and heat sink allows active cooling of entire corn 30W and up
  • Cost effective and budget friendly
  • Not water proof or dust proof
  • Most lamps are ETL and DLC certified
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